Tap Titans 2 Ultimate Guide

Decided to make this Tap Titans 2 ultimate guide, hope this helps you. Will be updated anytime it needs to be updated 😛 if you have anything related to this guide, give us a hand.

Tap Titans 2 : Clans

Choosing and joining clans

  1. You should join a clan (if not yet joined). It can give you benefits.
  2. The greater the amount of clan quest of a clan, the better.
  3. Choose an active clan. A clan that at least can defeat one monster a day.

Mastering the clan

  1. Do at least 10 clan quest (CQ) per week.
  2. Clan quest counter will be reset every week, usually at Sunday.

Tap Titans 2 : Perks

  1. Want to use Clan Crate? Do it while you’re struggling at tournament. It helps quite a lot.

Tap Titans 2 Strategies

These strategies mainly used by advanced Tappers, but not mandatory for you to follow. You can add your own twist!

  1. Relics farming
    – Prioritize in upgrading “Book of Shadows” (BoS) artifact.
    – When it’s starting to take effort at leveling up, Prestige.
    – Use relics obtained from Prestige by upgrading BoS.
  2. Clan hopper
    – Join any clan
    – When its damage not anymore have major helping effects to you, leave the clan
    – Join the bigger clan (with the bigger clan quest)

Tap Titans 2 Tips

  1. Install Discord. Lots of clans use Discord as their main app to communicate.
  2. Be active. Join clans. Join tournaments. Login everyday, at least to obtain your daily prize.